Lili Korie
Make-up Artist - lashes & Brows Technician

About Me


As long as I can remember, art has always been my passion. Even in my university years I had dedicated my time to attend art academy. That was the beginning of ongoing education that lead me to who I am and what I do today.
Being in the beauty industry for over 7 years I am constantly keeping up with new techniques and trends to offer my clients the best modern look they desire and deserve.



My Philosophy

Leading a busy modern life style while maintaining beautiful look all the time it could be challenging and time consuming plus not every women is a make-up artist to perfect her look on the daily base.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul so the eyelashes are their curtains, and the brows are the frame enhancing your look by using eyelash extension / 3d embroidery brows will give you the desire look effortless.

I believe every women is beautiful without makeup, 

and when applied professionally anyone can use makeup to enhance their own natural beauty!